Undergraduate Registration


Eligibility to Graduate (Candidacy)

Any undergraduate student who has completed the 160 units required, and who has not already participated in a past undergraduate commencement ceremony, is eligible and welcome to participate in their college's Spring 2017 undergraduate commencement ceremony. If you do not meet the minimum unit requirements, you are required to petition to participate in the ceremony through the registration system (see below).  If you will have enough units at the end of Winter quarter and do not wish to petition, please register after the end of the term.  You have until April 14, 2017 to complete your registration.

Any student who expects to receive a degree in September or December is encouraged to participate in the Fall 2017 commencement, closer to the completion of your studies. Typically the Fall is a smaller ceremony and allows for students to invite more guests.

For undergraduates to officially graduate, you must file a graduation application with the Registrar's office online for the term in which you will graduate during the appropriate filing periods. Please refer to the table below for current and future deadlines to file based on your desired term of graduation.

Registering to Participate in Commencement

To participate in commencement, undergraduate students in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, the College of Biological Sciences, the College of Engineering, and the College of Letters and Science must register online no later than April 14, 2017. To register, visit the undergraduate registration website below or complete Step 2 above. Students must have an active UC Davis e-mail and password.

Current and Future Filing Dates
Spring 2017 2/01/17 to 3/17/17
Summer 2017 6/01/17 to 7/28/2017
Fall 2017 TBD
Winer 2018 TBD