Interim Chancellor's Message

Interim Chancellor Ralph J. Hexter

Interim Chancellor Ralph J. Hexter

To Degree Candidates,

It is my privilege and pleasure to congratulate all of you on completing this very significant milestone in your life.

Your earning a UC Davis degree tells a compelling story. You arrived with extraordinary intellect and talents, scholarly commitment and discipline, creativity and spirit, and idealism and dreams. As students and members of our community, you put all of these to good use—for your benefit and for ours.

Attending a great university is a transformative experience. As Interim Chancellor and a faculty member, I am proud of the many one-of-a-kind opportunities that UC Davis offers students to help you build your knowledge and skills, and grow as people. But the transformation goes both ways. Your presence on our campus has helped to forge our university’s present character and chart its future course. For, truly, a university is not defined primarily by buildings or programs, but rather by the particular students and professors who come together there in a common intellectual endeavor.

Now that you have reached the top of the mountain, I hope that you take this occasion to look back and feel proud of how high you have climbed. I hope just as much that you look forward, and that your new vantage inspires you with the prospect of new mountains to climb and new territories to explore. Whatever future challenges you face, I am confident that you will be guided by our university’s values of intellectual excellence, social and environmental responsibility, ethical conduct, and respect for people of all backgrounds and groups. In doing so, you will be making the world a better place.

Ralph J. Hexter
Interim Chancellor